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Evaluating candidates

Revamp your candidate journey with a contemporary, candidate friendly application and interview process. From rejuvenating your careers page to implementing structured interviews and anonymized screening techniques, we provide comprehensive tools and strategies to ensure a delightful candidate experience. This ensures you consistently select the best fit for your organization, each time.

SAT requirements for employers

Reinstated SAT requirements: why hiring teams should care

The Evil HR Lady offers expert insight on what employers and hiring teams can learn from Dartmouth College's decision to reinsta...


Skills-first approach: what it is and why it can help you

The workplace is changing — fast. What we thought we knew about hiring and talent management is getting a serious makeover, maki...

Reverse ageism: why do companies avoid Gen Z workers?

Age discrimination is unexpectedly affecting Gen Z in the workforce. Managers prefer seasoned workers according to an Intellgent...

Real-life healthcare interview questions

53+ real-life interview questions for healthcare roles

Navigating the intricacies of healthcare staffing requires a discerning approach, and at the heart of any successful recruitment...

Real-life interview questions for Soft skills

55+ real-life interview questions for soft skills at every level

What are some interview questions that assess soft skills for general, VP-level, and administrative roles? Which kind of questio...

Hospitality and travel real-life interview questions

33+ real-life interview questions for hospitality and travel roles

This guide unravels a collection of real-life interview questions tailored for key roles in the industry of hospitality and trav...

interview questions for engineer roles

22+ real-life interview questions for engineer roles

Whether you're seeking a Civil Engineer, Design Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, or Surveyor, this guid...

Interview questions for content and graphic design

18+ real-life interview questions for content and graphic design roles

Hunting down the perfect creative or design pro for your crew is a game-changer, and the first step is asking the right question...

Design and data analysis interview questions

75+ real life interview questions for design and data analysis roles

In the fast-evolving realms of design and analysis, securing the right talent is paramount for driving innovation and success. ...

Coding - development roles

73+ real-life interview questions for development & coding roles 

Securing the right talent for your development team is a crucial task, and the first step involves asking targeted questions dur...

Workable Partner Profile: smooth reference checks with Refapp

Learn how Refapp helps hiring teams make the most reliable hires via conducting reference checks on candidates using an optimize...

Interview questions - IT roles

59+ real-life interview questions and answers for IT roles

Finding the right IT pro for your team is a big deal, and step one is asking the right questions in the interview....

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