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Hiring Solutions & Resources

Digitizing work processes

In today’s digital age, optimizing hiring performance relies heavily on data-driven insights and embracing the latest technological advancements. Our resources offer in-depth reports, metrics, and data essential for gauging your recruitment efficacy. Moreover, keep abreast of the evolving tech stack for hiring teams and explore how the newest trends in recruitment technology can fundamentally transform and elevate your hiring methods.

The challenges of AI in Hiring

AI in hiring: bias & privacy an issue for 40% of hiring teams

Workable's AI in Hiring & Work survey finds that hiring bias is a major issue for 40% of hiring team managers when using AI in h...

remote work loneliness

Remote work loneliness: how virtual coworking can help

A UC Berkeley professor shares insights on how virtual coworking counters remote work loneliness, enhancing team solidarity and ...

Our survey finds hiring is easier, better, faster, stronger with AI

Workable's AI in Hiring & Work survey finds that 89.6% of hiring team members have a faster time to fill when using AI in the hi...

72% of hiring managers don’t trust AI to make hiring decisions

Workable's AI in Hiring & Work survey finds that 15.3% of hiring team members rely solely on humans to make final hiring decisio...

Hiring Pulse

Your Hiring Pulse report for February 2024

February's Hiring Pulse uncovers a dynamic shift in the 2024 job market, characterized by a record-setting Candidates per Hire (...

The Use Cases of AI in Hiring -1458x814

Two-thirds of hiring team members use AI – but how?

Workable's AI in Hiring & Work survey reveals 62.5% of hiring teams leverage AI, primarily for talent identification and process...

ai in hiring and work

Hiring managers: what’s your working relationship with AI?

This is an excerpt from our AI in Hiring and Work survey report, based on responses from 950 hiring managers in the US and UK. V...

5 signs your company is ready for an HRIS

Does it feel like it's the proper time for a transition to an HRIS? Wait, you don't know when this time comes? Here are five sig...

psychological safety at work

Augmented workforce is not the future – it’s happening now

An estimated 87% of executives expect job roles to be augmented, rather than replaced, by generative AI. This trend varies acros...

employee management solutions

Maybe a no-frills employee management tool is all you need

With a plethora of advanced HRIS (Human Resource Information System) solutions flooding the market, it's easy to get overwhelmed...

Hiring Pulse

Your Hiring Pulse report for January 2024

January's Hiring Pulse reveals a stark contrast in 2023's hiring trends compared with previous years. With a steady decrease in ...

Avoid early HR mistakes: how an HRIS can guide small businesses

Offering legal compliance, efficient employee lifecycle management, and scalability, a plug-and-play HRIS transforms potential e...

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